Vision of Fumbi

Nowadays, the world's wider money supply (M2) is about $ 95,000 billion. As a new form of money, the cryptocurrencies currently represent $ 270 billion of that value, which only accounts for 0.26% of the money supply. If the use of cryptocurrencies continues to expand, their share in the money supply may significantly increase.

Trends that increase the value of cryptocurrencies:

  • Growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment
  • Expansion of Bitcoin as a standard investment tool
  • Better integration of cryptocurrencies into the world of traditional finance
  • Better resolution of legal regulations governing individual types of cryptocurrencies
  • Growing use of specialised cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
  • Availability of cryptocurrency services to the general public
  • Expansion of decentralised finance (Ethereum)
  • Technological and legal solutions for banks and institutions

Why are the cryptocurrencies a good form of money?

Monetary properties Gold Fiat currencies (EUR) Cryptocurrencies (EUR)
Interchangeability of units High High High
Applicability to transactions Low High High
Rarity (stock forseeability) Medium Medium High
Independence (from arbitrary interference) High Low High
Value stability Medium Medium Low

*Legally, cryptocurrencies are defined as virtual currencies and not money.

Why invest with Fumbi

  • Easy Investing

    With only a few clicks you can invest in a dynamic portfolio of top cryptocurrencies.

  • Risk Reduction

    Your portfolio is specially designed to track the total market value and does not rely on individual cryptocurrencies.

  • Direct Ownership

    With us, you always own cryptocurrencies directly, not through a collective investment scheme.

  • Independent audit

    We are the first cryptocurrency investment platform with an independent audit of wallets.

  • PayPal Enabled

    Secured deposit via PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Wire.

  • Small Starting Investment

    With Fumbi, you can start investing from as little as 50€.