Fumbi.network Profit with Cryptocurrencies

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5. November 2019  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

Fumbi.network Profit with Cryptocurrencies

Stop worrying about cryptocurrencies and start earning money with Fumbi.network.
Fumbi is the first company for the general public to offer safe and intelligent investment in cryptocurrencies.

More than 4500 users

If you are a beginner, it is natural that you do not know which cryptocurrency will grow and which will fall. Our Fumbi algorithm effectively distributes your investment in a smart and dynamic portfolio. We are the only company that allows safe investment in cryptocurrencies to the general public.

We have an independent audit

This year we launched an independent audit of cryptocurrency wallets in cooperation with the SGS. The audit was aimed at comparing the total balances of cryptocurrencies in clients’ wallets with their current values shown in individual blockchains. At the same time, we demonstrated control over these assets, and as the first cryptocurrency investment company, we obtained this type of certificate.

With us, it is easy to invest

With only a small initial investment of only 50€, you will get a dynamic portfolio of more than 25 top cryptocurrencies. These reflect the movement on the cryptocurrency market. You may ask why Fumbi’s portfolio contains only such a low number of cryptocurrencies when an investor can currently choose from up to 2,000 cryptocurrencies and their number is constantly growing. The reason is that some of them are not suitable for investment at all. They are only speculative or can only be stored on online generated wallets that do not provide security against hackers, like offline wallets.


Investing through Fumbi is very simple:

  1. Quick and easy registration without commitments
  2. User authentication
  3. Deposit from 50 €
  4. Track your investment in a profile
  5. Easy withdraw

Invest in the industry with the highest growth potential!

Invest in cryptocurrencies with Fumbi!


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