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General questions and answers about Fumbi and cryptocurrencies.

Who are we

About us.

We are a Slovak / European company that makes investments in cryptocurrencies simple, safe and available to everyone.

Are you regulated in any way?

The National Bank of Slovakia does not currently regulate cryptocurrency related services. As soon as the National Bank of Slovakia sets the conditions for issuing licences to cryptocurrency companies, Fumbi will apply for such licence.

Do you have a license?

Fumbi holds the government issued Trade License to provide cryptocurrency brokerage and custody services in line with the AML regulations. This license is not issued by the National Bank of Slovakia and does not imply financial regulation.

What do you offer?

We offer a conservative strategy on how to safely invest in cryptocurrencies. Our dynamic portfolio, managed by the Fumbi algorithm, can accurately copy the movements of the entire cryptocurrency market, regardless of the movements of individual cryptocurrencies.

Who can invest with you?

A natural person interested in cryptocurrencies as an investment instrument with the highest growth potential.

How is my deposit protected?

Your deposit will be immediately exchanged for cryptocurrencies, which are a direct property of the investor and do not appear on Fumbi's balance sheet. The cryptocurrencies are then stored in the most secure storage system on the market - the Ledger Vault. This system is insured against hacker attacks. Fumbi is also regularly audited by an independent company, SGS Slovakia. The aim of the audit is to compare the balances of all cryptocurrencies in client wallets with the current values stated on blockchains. Fumbi is the first company investing in cryptocurrencies to receive this type of certificate.

Making Investments

What do I need to do make an investment?

All you have to do to make your first deposit is to register. The subsequent process is automatic and you just follow your investment development.

Do I need any confirmation?

No confirmation or permission is required to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Why should I invest?

We offer the opportunity to invest in the fastest growing and developing area in the investment arena.

What is expected of me?

Whether you decide to invest, and if so when and how much, is always up to you. You can make a single deposit, or you can make repeated deposits. Regular smaller monthly deposits are a smart strategy when investing. It reduces the risk of ill-timed purchases when prices and the market are relatively high. The growth potential of the cryptocurrency market is incomparable. It also carries high risk, so it is reasonable to level this risk by averaging the costs.

Why long-term investment?

The market has proven us right that this is a more beneficial form of investment. Short-term and speculative investing is often associated with loss.

How long do I have to keep investing?

The time span for holding the cryptocurrencies purchased is entirely up to you. You can suspend or resume your investing activity at any time. However, we recommend investing over a period of 2 or more years. When investing for more than 2 years, you do not pay a profit fee.

When is the right time to invest?

The cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, so they have a huge growth potential. The more they are used, the more the cryptocurrency market will grow, and so will your investments you made at the beginning of this development.

What is the value of an investment worth making?

The cryptocurrency market is still relatively volatile. It is, therefore, advisable to invest only an amount you will not be short of when the market drops. With us, you can start investing with as little as 50 €.

Is it better to make a larger lump-sum deposit or to deposit lower amounts several times?

Repeated smaller monthly deposits is a smart strategy when investing. It reduces the risk of ill-timed purchases when prices and the market are relatively high. The growth potential of the cryptocurrency market is incomparable. It also carries high risk, so it is reasonable to level this risk by averaging the costs.


How much can I make?

The area of investing in cryptocurrencies is the area with the highest yield potential. However, profit cannot be guaranteed, as market developments cannot be predicted or influenced. Your return depends on the size of the cryptocurrency market at the time of your deposit and its further development. If the market grows, so will your investment.

What will my profit be?

Profit cannot be guaranteed, as it is not in our power to influence the market. Development of the investment depends on the development of the cryptocurrency market.

What does the amount of profit depend on?

The amount of profit depends solely on the market development. If the cryptocurrency prices rise, so will your investment, and vice versa.

How long will it take to make the desired profit?

In terms of making a profit, it is not possible to talk about a specific period. The market can grow at any time, e.g. by 20%, even over a single day. It can also fall during the day.

What cryptocurrencies can I invest in?

The portfolio section on the main page lists all the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio.

Can I build my own portfolio?

It is currently not possible to invest in one or more cryptocurrencies of your choice. It is only possible to invest in the entire portfolio.

How do you choose cryptocurrencies?

For the inclusion of a cryptocurrency in the portfolio, the safety of cryptocurrency in terms of processes is crucial, as well as its development prior to inclusion. Find out more on this site -

Why some cryptocurrencies are not in the portfolio?

Visit our "Website" to read more about how we build our portfolio.


How do I register?

There is an option to register on the fumbi.network.sk website, on the top right. Choose an active e-mail address to use as your login e-mail. Choose a password and check "I accept the privacy policy and the terms and conditions". A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address of your choice. Please, confirm the link. After confirming the link, you will be able to access your profile.

What is the account management fee?

Fees apply to deposits, withdrawals or investments happening through the account. Maintaining an investment-free account is free of charge. This also applies to registration.

Do you have an affiliate system?

This is a registration number under which you are registered as our client. It is essential for the verification and correct processing of your deposit.

Can I cancel my account? If so, how?

The account can be canceled. Send us your account cancellation request from your login e-mail address at info@fumbi.network. We will cancel the account within 2 months of your request. Maintaining an account without an investment is free of charge, so you do not incur any financial obligations.

When can I cancel my account?

The account can be canceled anytime. If there are any funds in your account, you need to make a withdrawal and only then request account cancellation. If you have made a deposit, it is possible to cancel the account 30 days of your registration. You can make your first withdrawal at that time.

Will the account be canceled after the withdrawal?

No, the account remains active for future use. No charges accrue for maintaining an account without an investment, so there is no need to cancel it.

Can there be a co-owner of my account?

It is not possible to designate another person as a co-owner. Identity of the investor, i.e. the Fumbi account holder is verified and non-transferable.

Is it possible to change the account holder?

The account is registered in the holder's name and changing the holder is not possible.

Can a legal entity open an account?

Yes, legal entity can have a Fumbi account.

Are there any obligations upon account cancellation?

No, account cancellation is free.

Is the account and the investment subject to inheritance?

Yes, the Fumbi account and the investment thereon are subject to inheritance proceedings.


Is income from cryptocurrencies subject to income tax?

Income from cryptocurrencies is subject to taxation. However, any adjustment in the portfolio composition on a daily basis is considered to be a purchase or a sale, so it is necessary that you check every year whether you are liable to pay tax on the basis of the documents in your profile. We recommend you consult a tax advisor with any further questions.

Which tax do I have to pay? 19% or 25%.

You will find all the documents needed to fill out a tax return in your profile.

Do I have to pay tax even if I didn't make a withdrawal?

Any change in the composition of the portfolio made on a daily basis is considered to constitute a purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check every year whether you became liable to pay tax on the basis of the documents in your profile.


What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is always 50 euros.

Do I have to make regular deposits?

No, you can make deposits at your own discretion. By investing with us, you do not commit to making regular deposits.

What is the rate applicable to a deposit?

The exchange rate applicable at the time of crediting your Fumbi account with your deposit applies to deposits.

How long does it take to make a deposit?

Deposit processing takes 1-2 business days of our account having been credited with your deposit. If you make a deposit in the afternoon, at the weekend or during national holidays, the bank will defer sending the payment to us until the next business day. Subsequently, our account will be credited with the payment within 24 hours.

Can I make deposits in cryptocurrencies?

No, making deposits in cryptocurrencies is not yet possible. However, we will add this option in the future.

When will I see the deposit in my account? (Calculation)

Your deposit will be processed within 2 business days. You will be informed by e-mail that a deposit has appeared in your profile. If you made your deposit over the weekend or during the holidays, the crediting may take longer, as the bank only sends funds on business days.

How do I make a deposit?

After logging in to your profile, you have a deposit option in the upper left corner. You can choose a low (up to 1000 euros) or a high deposit (over 1000 euros). Then you choose the payment method. You will receive payment information upon entering the amount. The same information will be sent to your e-mail. This is how you make a deposit request. As we do not have access to your bank account, it is necessary for you to initiate a wire transfer where you enter the data received, either in person, via online banking or mobile banking.

Do I have to make a deposit solely through a bank account?

The deposit can be made from a bank account or in person at a branch of our bank.

Do I need to have my own bank account?

A deposit can only be made from a natural person's account, with the name of the bank account holder matching the Fumbi account holder's name. Withdrawals cannot be made in cash, so it is necessary to have a bank account for the withdrawal will be sent.

Can I make a deposit from a legal entity account?

No, a deposit from a legal entity's account is not possible, as a legal entity cannot have an account with us.

Do I have to have a bank account in my name?

Yes, you do. This is important for deposit processing, as well as for security reasons.

What do you recommend if I am a co-owner of a bank account?

We recommend that you open your own bank account.

Is it possible to cancel a deposit?

You can only cancel the deposit request in your profile. Fumbi has no access to your bank account, therefore, it is not possible to cancel a deposit with us. You can only do so at your bank by canceling the payment order if the payment has not yet left your account.


When can I make a withdrawal?

The first withdrawal is possible 30 days of registration. Then you can make withdrawals at any time.

Do I have to withdraw everything?

The minimum partial withdrawal amount is EUR 10,000. If you have a lower sum in your account, you can only withdraw the entire amount.

How long does it take for the withdrawal to happen?

We transfer the withdrawn funds within 2 business days of the withdrawal request. The time that banks need to send the payment and credit it to the client's account must be added thereto.

What rate applies to withdrawals?

The exchange rate valid at the time of submitting the withdrawal request applies to the subsequent withdrawal. You can see this exchange rate when making a withdrawal. Further market developments are not taken into account.

Can I withdraw cryptocurrencies?

Withdrawal is possible only in euros. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, it is possible to cancel their storage. For each cryptocurrency in the portfolio, enter the public address to which the cryptocurrency will be transferred. It is not possible to make a transfer in only one or a few cryptocurrencies. We will send you your cryptocurrencies within 1 week.

When will I receive the payment?

Your withdrawal will be processed by us within 2 business days. Your payment is subsequently wired to your bank account. It may take longer for your funds to arrive if banks process your order in the afternoon or at the weekend.

Can a withdrawal be cancelled?

A withdrawal cannot be canceled.

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