Fumbi & Ledger Vault - Ultimate security. Coming soon.

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Fumbi & Ledger Vault - Ultimate security. Coming soon.

Fumbi increases the security of the cryptocurrencies under its management through a new collaboration with Ledger Vault.

This month, Fumbi signed a partnership with the leader in the safe storage of cryptocurrencies, pushing the safety precautions for the cryptocurrencies under its management to an even higher level.

Ledger Vault,

Ledger Vault, is currently the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency storage system in the world and is used by leading institutions in the field, such as Bitstamp, Crypto.com, Nomura Bank and others.

First Class Security and Insurance

The Ledger Vault storage uses hardware security modules (HSMs), personal security devices (PSDs) and hierarchical deterministic derivation, which are the basic security components of the platform.

In addition to cryptocurrency technical support, Ledger Vault also offers insurance that covers the illegal theft of cryptocurrencies up to $ 150 million.

Full launch coming up this summer

Fumbi stores client cryptocurrencies on offline-generated paper wallets in safes, which is considered a safe method of storage, but the process of the independent audit without compromising security is very complicated. With a large increase in clients, we have decided to move to an equally secure but more flexible way, which will help us process deposits and withdrawals more efficiently, while ensuring independent real-time audit.

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