Finally, offer employees

a unique benefit

Your employees will choose what portion of their paycheck they will receive in the form of cryptocurrencies in the Fumbi Index Portfolio.

They will be using our most popular product, with which they invest in a full portfolio of top vetted cryptocurrencies. The money in this product is managed by the sophisticated Fumbi Algorithm, which tracks the value of the entire market rather than relying on individual cryptoassets.

Thanks to you, employees won't have to make deposits and the amount will be automatically credited to their account every month.

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    Creating the Employee Program is free of charge
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    Easy set up and use that doesn't burden your HR
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    Simple and safe investing in crypto that will delight your employees

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Benefits for your employees

Maximum security

We store all cryptocurrencies through the Ledger Vault, one of the world's best and most secure cryptocurrency storage options.

Fumbi Algorithm

Our Fumbi Algorithm intelligently manages your investment and allocates it to a dynamic portfolio of top vetted cryptocurrencies.

Clear profile

You can monitor the development of your investment in a clear profile. You can easily make a deposit or a withdrawal.

Top cryptocurrencies

In the portfolio you will find only the top proven cryptocurrencies that meet our high standards.

Direct ownership

Fumbi only acts as an administrator, all cryptocurrencies are owned directly by you.

An opportunity for everyone

We are trusted by small, medium and large investors. You can invest in the Fumbi from €50.

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