Fumbi Index Portfolio Performance

In 2021, the investment in the Fumbi Index Portfolio brought our users significantly higher profits than the investment in bitcoin alone. While bitcoin brought investors a return of 62.34%, Fumbi Index Portfolio achieved 146.23%.

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Fumbi Benefits

Easy to Invest

With just a few clicks, you can invest in a dynamic portfolio of top performing cryptocurrencies.

Crypto With Minimised Risk

By using sophisticated algorithms and regular portfolio updates, we reduce the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies to a minimum.

Direct Ownership

Fumbi only works as an administrator, all cryptocurrencies are directly owned by users.

Independent Audit

We are the first platform for investing in cryptocurrencies with an independent wallet audit.

Small Initial Investment

You can invest with us starting from €50.

Maximum Security

We use Fireblocks to store cryptocurrencies, one of the world’s best and most secure cryptocurrency storage options.

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