BItcoin and Gold



The first rebalanced investment in Bitcoin
and gold works in your favor

The world-unique product Bitcoin and Gold monitors the value of Bitcoin and PAX Gold so that your finances are divided in a 50:50 ratio. The algorithm intelligently buys the cryptocurrency that has fallen and sells the one that has grown. This combination provides an easy and stress-free way to secure your future savings.

  • checkA long-term investment strategy exploiting the potential of a growing industry
  • checkIntelligent continuous rebalancing
  • checkProduct ideal for long-term savings
  • checkAn easy way to invest in gold

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Cryptocurrencies Without Worries



Maximum Security

We store all cryptocurrencies through the Fireblocks, one of the world’s best and most secure cryptocurrency storage options.



Fumbi Algorithm

The Fumbi Algorithm continuously rebalances your investment so that it is split 50:50 between Bitcoin and PAX Gold.



Clear Profile

You can monitor the development of your investment in a clear profile. You can easily make a deposit or a withdrawal.



Top Cryptocurrencies

In Bitcoin and Gold you will find bitcoin with huge growth potential and the cryptocurrency PAX Gold backed by real stable gold.



Direct Ownership

Fumbi only acts as an administrator, all cryptocurrencies are owned directly by you.



An Opportunity for Everyone

We are trusted by small, medium and large investors. You can invest in the Fumbi Index Portfolio from €50.

Investment strategies

How to invest in crypto

One-off investment

If you have decided that now is the right time to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then you can do so with a single deposit to buy an entire cryptoasset portfolio. The average one-time investment of our users is €1,000, but you can invest from €50.

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Regular investment

You can set up a monthly standing order or repeat the deposit at your bank whenever it suits you. Recurring monthly deposits is an intelligent investment strategy that averages the risk of a badly timed purchase.

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