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With Advanced Portfolios, you’ll have access to more than 50 cryptocurrencies and templates created by our team, focusing on different areas within the world of crypto. Additionally, you’ll be able to construct portfolios with varying asset weights to match your investment strategy.

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User-Friendly Portfolio Creation

Personalised investment portfolios that align with your preferences and goals.

Customisable Crypto Selection

Wide selection of over 50 cryptocurrencies to choose from.

Expert-Created Templates

Access to templates created by experts and the ability to construct portfolios with variable asset weights.

Top Cryptocurrencies

Access to templates created by experts and the ability to construct portfolios with variable asset weights.

Direct Ownership

Fumbi only acts as an administrator, all cryptocurrencies are owned directly by you.

An Opportunity for Everyone

We are trusted by small, medium and large investors. You can invest through the Staking Portfolio from €500.

*Currently it’s possible to invest in Advanced Portfolios only through Fumbi Creditu.

Investment strategies

Templates Details


Risk scale

Risk-Averse Portfolio

A two-component portfolio consisting of the two most popular cryptocurrencies on the market – Bitcoin and Ethereum. In terms of risk, this is the least volatile portfolio with high growth and technological potential. Investing in this portfolio combines the power and potential of a new decentralised payment system and the largest smart contract platform, which is the essential foundation of the most popular DeFi apps and NFT collections.

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Layer-one Portfolio

A portfolio consisting of 8 tier 1 cryptocurrencies that form the basis for the decentralised finance sector and NFTs. This portfolio is made up of Ethereum as well as its largest competitors. Each of these platforms has its own specifics and approaches in terms of smart contracts, security or scalability, which makes this portfolio optimally diversified and covers most of the technological conveniences of tier-one blockchains. Learn more

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Risk scale


Risk scale

DeFi Portfolio

A diversified portfolio made up of tokens from the most popular apps in the world of decentralised finance. The portfolio features a combination of tokens from decentralised exchanges, lending platforms and other important applications from the DeFi sector. Learn more

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NFT & Metaverse Portfolio

A portfolio that combines the most popular and well-liked tokens focused on the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Metaverse ecosystems. These two areas play an essential role in the new version of Web 3.0, which is why they have enjoyed tremendous popularity in recent years. Learn more

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Risk scale


Risk scale

Adventurous Portfolio

A portfolio consisting of relatively young and emerging projects with lower market capitalisation and high growth potential. This portfolio is classified as a higher-risk portfolio and is, therefore, particularly suitable for investors with an appetite for risk. Learn more

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