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25. January 2022  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

5 Tips on How to Get Into Crypto in 2022

Slovak crypto-investment company Fumbi helps the general public capitalise on cryptocurrencies’ potential. Fumbi’s specialists give tips on how to best invest in crypto in 2022.

Are you considering joining others around you to take advantage of crypto’s potential?
Now might be the right time to start. The sooner you begin to invest, the more you can save up for your future. However, before you start, read through tips by Fumbi’s cryptocurrency experts.

1. Security Must Come First

When investing in cryptocurrencies, you have to think about security first. Make sure to choose a dependable and verified partner. If a company promises you guaranteed earnings, you should consider it a red flag. Cryptocurrencies are not only rising, but they also tend to stagger. Pretending that the profit is a guaranteed certainty is misleading. Instead, go with a serious partner you can rely on that genuinely knows their way around cryptocurrencies.

The safe storage of cryptocurrencies is also essential. There are several types of wallets to choose from. Usually, they differ in security, comfortability, and supportability of various types of cryptocurrencies, fees, or user interfaces. You can choose from paper, mobile, web, software, or hardware wallets. If you open your account with Fumbi, you don’t need to worry about this part of an investment. At Fumbi, all of your cryptocurrencies are safely stored via the Ledger Vault platform, one of the world’s safest solutions for cryptocurrency storage.

2. Don’t Complicate It

If you want to know which cryptocurrency to invest in and how to do it, there are many sites to draw from that follow the world of crypto. You can start with Fumbi’s blog, where you’ll find a weekly overview of current events.

Once you are deciding which cryptocurrencies to invest in, you should also consider why each cryptocurrency was developed and what is its purpose. Not everybody who introduces their cryptocurrency also delivers a unique solution and value. If the cryptocurrency is being introduced to the market via the MLM structure or a system that promises immediate profit if you buy now, it might be just a classic fraudulent Ponzi scheme. Therefore, caution is always advised.

In 2022, we can expect a continued trend of development in blockchain gaming, Metaverse, and its improved interaction with web 3.0. Simultaneously, there is an anticipation of implementing the zero-knowledge protocol that should increase privacy protection within public blockchains. Thus, it should be worth investing in projects with potential development in these areas.

If you don’t have the space to delve deeper into the subject, it’s safer to make it easier on yourself and leave it to experts. Fumbi employs specialists who choose the top of tried and tested cryptocurrencies for you. Moreover, with Fumbi, there is no need to deal with registration on markets, purchasing cryptocurrencies one by one, creating wallets, or sending and storing cryptocurrencies. You can purchase the whole portfolio of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, PolkaDot, Solana or Terra within a few minutes with just a few clicks.

3. Don’t Gamble

Perceive cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment tool and not an opportunity for quick fortune. Capitalising within a day tempts many people, but it’s a gamble, and it’s an unsustainable strategy in the long term based only on luck. Look at your investment into cryptocurrencies as a long-term financial strategy and try to have your deposits reevaluated at least every three to five years.

4. Divide the risks

Don’t just rely on a single cryptocurrency – instead, minimise the risks and purchase a whole portfolio of cryptocurrencies. You can select several assets and deposit sums based on their respective market capitalisation and potential.

You can put money in passive funds that invest in a specific market as a whole. Historically, they have achieved higher earnings compared to funds with active control. This is also how the basic product of Fumbi company functions – the Fumbi Index Portfolio. It consists purely of the selection of the top of the tried and tested cryptocurrencies, of which there are 26 at the moment. A sophisticated Fumbi Algorithm administers the investment in a way that mirrors the market growth and doesn’t rely on individual cryptoactives.

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5. Don’t Wait for a Better Opportunity

Even though the cryptocurrency market is known for its fluctuations, its overall value keeps growing each year. The cryptocurrency market capitalisation was at 670 billion euros at the beginning of 2021, which over the year appreciated by 186% to a value of 1.928 trillion euros. The value of Bitcoin at the start of the year was €24 165, while at the end, €40,897. Juraj Forgács, CEO of Fumbi, expects that Bitcoin could have a value of €400,000 within the next four years. That’s why it’s advisable to invest in the world of crypto as soon as possible.


If you don’t know when to buy, you can make regular investments. Repeating smaller monthly investments is a smart strategy wherein you lower the risk of a poorly timed purchase when the prices and market are relatively high. The cryptocurrency market has unparalleled growth potential but also the possibility of fluctuations in value. That’s why it’s wise to lower the risk by averaging the purchase prices. If you create a standing order at your bank, you will no longer have to keep making plans and think about deposits.

With Fumbi, Everybody Can Own Cryptocurrencies

Fumbi is a Slovak crypto-investment company bringing cryptocurrencies to the general public since 2018 and allows people to invest in them for as little as €50. Over three years, it acquired over 80,000 users. Enjoy the benefits we offer and get into cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. You can rely on our expert team and sophisticated algorithm. You won’t need to worry about the secured storage of your cryptocurrencies.

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