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4. September 2020  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

Fumbi has 20,000 users and counting

At the beginning of last year, Fumbi brought a unique service to the Slovak market – a simple and safe investment option into cryptocurrencies for everyone. Today, Fumbi has already more than 20,000 users.

We are very pleased with this interest in safe investing in cryptocurrencies and that it is us who people choose in taking this investment step. Fumbi has undergone several changes, and upcoming are several significant improvements that will make it even easier for you to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Juraj Forgács, Fumbi CEO: “First of all, I would like to thank all the investors for trusting Fumbi. Exceeding the limit of 20,000 users showed us how huge the interest in cryptocurrencies and services we offer on the Slovak, Czech and Polish markets is. We will continue to work diligently and keep improving to be as accessible as possible to anyone who chooses to invest in cryptocurrencies safely and easily.”

Fumbi in numbers

20,000 users are not the only figure we at Fumbi can boast of. On average, our investors deposit more than € 580. At present, our portfolio consists of more than 25 active cryptocurrencies and the Fumbi algorithm deviation from the market development has been less than 0.02%.

Ledger Vault

Together with Ledger Vault, we are working on the ultimate security of your deposits. Ledger Vault is currently the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency storage system in the world. It is used by leading institutions in the field, such as Bitstamp,, Nomura Bank and others.

New Services

Coming soon are several enhancements that will significantly improve the investing experience in cryptocurrencies. One of the first will be an instant deposit, thanks to which your deposit will be credited to your Fumbi account on the same day you make it. Another service in the making is the Stop Loss. This function serves as a safety net against a sudden and significant decline in the market.

New profile design

We are working intensely on a new profile design, which will be even more straightforward and clearer.

Not a part of Fumbi yet?

If you are about to start investing in cryptocurrencies, you are a layperson, and you do not have time to monitor all market changes (which happen every day and one needs a dose of expertise to follow them) or deciding which cryptocurrencies are best to invest stresses you out, try Fumbi.

If you are a beginner, it is natural that you cannot tell which cryptocurrency will be increasing in value and which will be declining. Our Fumbi algorithm effectively divides your investment into an intelligent and dynamic portfolio. We are the only company in Slovakia that allows the general public to invest in cryptocurrencies safely.

With us, you can invest in top cryptocurrencies easily, with a small initial investment (only 50 euros) and minimal risk.


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