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5. December 2023  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

Give cryptocurrencies under the tree!

With the coming of Christmas also comes the time of chasing and stressing over what to gift our loved ones. In the digital age and the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, Fumbi brings a unique option – Gift Vouchers. This new product is not just an original but also a valuable gift for those who are interested in the exciting world of cryptocurrency investments.

The Uniqueness of Fumbi Gift Vouchers:

Fumbi Gift Vouchers are not just an ordinary gift. They are an opportunity for your loved ones to start or expand their cryptocurrency portfolio. With a variety of Fumbi investment products to choose from, such as:

Fumbi Index Portfolio – Single deposit investment into the entire portfolio of top proven cryptocurrencies. The sophisticated Fumbi Algorithm manages the investment for the client, allowing them to take advantage of this rapidly growing market stress-free. More

Staking Portfolio – Invest in the Staking portfolio with an expected annual reward of 5 – 7% in cryptocurrencies. The portfolio contains 10 cryptocurrencies that Fumbi stakes, and the reward is credited to the client every week. These cryptocurrencies can be more volatile, but with higher risk comes the possibility of higher returns. More 

Bitcoin and Gold – Investment evenly distributed between Bitcoin and PAX Gold with continuous rebalancing. It utilises the potential of the rapidly growing sector while also offering the stability of conservative gold. More

Fumbi Credits – Funds stored in Fumbi Credits can be used to deposit into any investment product. Clients can invest the entire amount at once, or use regular investing by setting up automatic deposits over a longer period.

These Gift Vouchers provide flexibility and allow an easy start for any novice investor.

Why Fumbi Gift Vouchers are the Ideal Choice:

Tailored to your needs:

Choose from a variety of themes such as Christmas, Love, Birthday or Just Because.

Flexible investment options:
Choose from products such as Fumbi Index Portfolio, Staking Portfolio, Bitcoin and Gold, or Fumbi Credits.

Accessible to everyone:
Vouchers from €50.

Fumbi Gift Vouchers are more than just a gift, they are a gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies and investing. With Christmas coming up, take a step forward and give your loved ones something that has the potential to grow and evolve with them. Visit our website and discover how you can make this Christmas time special with Fumbi Gift Vouchers.



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