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Invest in Cryptocurrencies With Fumbi Wisely and Safely

We created Fumbi as a response to the increasingly larger and harder-to-understand cryptocurrency market. We are the first in Slovakia and the world to bring an investment solution for the general public – that is, for all those who are considering investing in cryptocurrencies.

Investors no longer have to deal with the question of where, when and which cryptocurrencies to buy, or how to store them securely. Fumbi thus ranks among the pioneers and co-creators of this new technology, which has the potential to change the world as much or even more than the internet has done.

How Does Fumbi Work?

What looks like a simple deposit to the user hides complex calculations in the background. The Fumbi Algorithm intelligently redistributes the investment into a dynamic portfolio consisting of several dozen cryptocurrencies with the largest market share.

Since the portfolio can adapt on a daily basis, the simple equation is that the rise or fall in the value of investments will be directly proportional to the overall value of the cryptocurrency market. We use Fireblocks to store cryptocurrencies, one of the world’s most reliable and trusted cryptocurrency storage options.

The Main Advantages of Fumbi

Investing with Fumbi is easy. With just a few clicks, you can invest in a dynamic portfolio of top cryptocurrencies. There’s minimal risk involved because you don’t have to worry about which cryptocurrencies to invest in and which online exchanges to trade on.

You still remain the direct and sole owner of your portfolio, so you can always access your assets. Users just need to make a deposit of at least €50.


According to, there are currently more than 14,000 cryptocurrencies on the market and the number is growing. Their value is loosely determined by supply and demand on the global market. Each cryptocurrency represents a unique technological view of the future of money, possibly combining transactional value with other assets such as access to services or digital assets.

Thanks to Fumbi, everyone can benefit from their potential, no matter how much time they can devote to studying individual cryptocurrencies and their benefits.

We currently have over 130,000 registered users. Most of them come from Slovakia, but we have already expanded our services to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Greece and we are planning to grow to other markets as well.

Investing With Fumbi Is Very Easy:

1. Quick, simple and free registration
2. User verification
3. Deposit of at least 50€
4. Track your investment in a straightforward profile
5. Easy withdrawal


At Fumbi, You Can Capitalise on the Potential of Cryptocurrencies Using the Following Products:

Fumbi Index Portfolio – Invest with a single deposit in an entire portfolio of top cryptocurrencies that are carefully selected and well-proven. The uniquely designed Fumbi Algorithm tracks the growth of the entire market and does not rely on individual cryptoassets.

Advanced Portfolios – With this product, you can create your own personalised crypto portfolios that align with your investment goals and preferences. Our product is designed to give you more flexibility and freedom to choose and purchase crypto assets that meet your requirements.

Staking Portfolio – Make the most of your investment. Invest in crypto with no entry fees and receive regular rewards. Invest in the new Staking Portfolio with an expected annual reward of 5-7% in cryptocurrencies.

Fumbi Custom – Do you want to build your investment portfolio as you see fit? In this product, you can choose from individual cryptocurrencies while still benefitting from a simple profile and secure custody in Fumbi.

Bitcoin and Gold – A unique product in which an algorithm rebalances your investment between Bitcoin, with its massive growth potential, and PAX Gold, a cryptocurrency backed by real gold. The gold in this product stabilises your investment and makes it an ideal product for long-term savings.

Fumbi Business enables legal entities to efficiently appreciate their company’s assets.

Start enjoying the potential of cryptocurrencies today with a deposit of just €50.

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