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7. July 2021  • clock 3 min •  Boris Hasko

We are growing! Investors supported us with another 1.5 million euros

We have received additional funding for our development in Slovakia and abroad. The new investments come from our main investor BaseTech (€ 500,000) and from several smaller Slovak investors who see huge potential in this sector.

So far, all investments together are worth EUR 1.5 million, and we would like to achieve funding of EUR 2 million in this round. This will help us expand to other Eastern European markets and build Fumbi as a full-fledged institution under the forthcoming European Cryptocurrency Regulation (MiCA).

” Fumbi has become the leader in the crypto-industry in Slovakia and has successfully expanded beyond the borders, which delights us. Our decision to continue and increase our support was a logical consequence. This is a project that genuinely succeeds in fulfilling its potential,” said Roland. Tauchner, President of BaseTech Ventures

More than 50,000 registered users already invest in cryptocurrencies with us. We managed to expand into the Polish and Czech markets and we expanded our portfolio of services. More and more entities trust that we have a great future ahead of us.

“I am particularly pleased that we have been able to reach a large number of users over the past year, who have managed to significantly increase their resources during the great growth of cryptocurrencies earlier this year. Thanks to the new investment, Fumbi will be able to expand product range and bring ever-higher quality services, ”says Juraj Forgács, founder of Fumbi Network, about the growth of the project.

Why is Fumbi unique?

The Slovak Fumbi project is unique in that it makes investing in cryptocurrencies accessible and easier for people who are not interested in them in depth. The initial investment starts from € 50.

Security is also important for users, but also for project investors – we are the first investment platform with an independent audit of wallets with the prestigious SGS certificate. We use Ledger Vault to store cryptocurrency portfolios, which is one of the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency storage systems in the world. Users are still the direct owners of their portfolios, which is safer for them than investing through a foreign mutual fund.

This disclosure to the general public and at the same time the maximum level of security make Fumbi an attractive project, the success of which is trusted by more and more investors and users.

Join us, you can start with a deposit from 50 €.

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