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11. March 2022  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

This is it – Fumbi now has over 100,000 users!

Fumbi is trusted by over 100,000 users that invest with us in cryptocurrencies simply, safely, and effectively.

Since our beginning in 2018, we’ve become a leader in crypto investing in Slovakia and successfully expanded to neighbouring markets. Just last year alone, users invested over 25 million euros with us.

We had an independent survey done at the end of the year, which showed that Slovaks’ interest in cryptocurrencies has grown by 78.5% over a fewl months. It shows in the increase of our users – in 2021, their numbers had almost quadrupled.

Our team of experts has also prepared a 2021 report which you can download to better orientate in the last year’s events from the world of cryptocurrencies.

The favourite product of our users

Our users invest mainly in our Fumbi Index Portfolio product that we’ve updated recently. We adjust the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio every three months – we add assets with growth potential and remove those that no longer meet our high standards. Read more about news in our Fumbi Index Portfolio in this article.

Investing with Fumbi Index Portfolio can bring much higher profits than investing exclusively in Bitcoin. We prepared a comparison of these two investments in the previous year. The results show that while investment in Bitcoin could’ve brought its investors a 62.34% profit, through investing in Fumbi Index Portfolio, our users achieved a total profit of 146.23%.

Source: Fumbi Network

Join our 100,000 users. Invest with us safely, simply, and effectively in the fast-growing crypto sector from €50.

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