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6. April 2024  • clock 3 min •  Boris Hasko

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Worth Investing In?

The world of cryptocurrencies and investing in them is often a Spanish village for the average person. In addition to new technology, digital currencies have brought a new perspective on trading.

If you are at a point where you are thinking about investing your funds in cryptocurrencies, make sure you do not neglect to look for relevant information, divide it into essential and non-essential, and most importantly, understand the actual processes that can bring you success in the crypto market. We will advise you on how and where to track cryptocurrencies, which ones are IN and worth investing in and which ones are OUT and you’d better keep your hands off them.

Is It Possible to Estimate the Development of Cryptocurrencies?

Tracking the prices of individual cryptocurrencies is an important part of the crypto world. Just as Bitcoin is the driving force behind the crypto market (guaranteed everyone has heard of it), the CoinMarketCap website is the first step for anyone interested in crypto. The site offers a basic overview of the value of each cryptocurrency, what exchanges and currency pairs they are traded on, and what the historical price trend is. Orientation in the individual metrics will save a lot of time in the search for information.

The value of each cryptocurrency is determined by supply and demand. Also, there is strong competition among cryptocurrencies. If you only plan to buy one cryptocurrency, your money may be at risk. You should spread the risk among a larger number of different types of digital currencies.

When investing on your own, it is essential to be wary of economic and technical risks. The economic ones include choosing the right cryptocurrency, timing when to buy them (depending on whether your particular one is falling or rising) and the strategy you want to pursue (when to sell, how much to hold cryptocurrency or when to buy). In particular, depositing cryptocurrency is considered a technical risk.


Are There Risky Cryptocurrencies?

A natural part of the crypto market is its rapid rise, which can be followed by a crash and rise again, which can be greater than the previous one. Currently, there is no right cryptocurrency that will guarantee constant growth and high returns. There will always be some risk involved in investing. An investor can choose from over 12,000 different cryptocurrencies. Some of the cryptocurrencies on offer are safer and more trustworthy, but there are also some, where the risk is difficult to evaluate. Finally, dangerous cryptocurrencies are created as mere speculative tools. When choosing cryptocurrencies, however, you need to be extra careful and ideally do your own research on what you’re going to invest in.

A Scam Called OneCoin

An example was the cryptocurrency OneCoin, which functioned as a marketing network. Through it, members received commissions for enticing other potential investors to buy the cryptocurrency (a so-called Ponzi scheme) OneCoin in various packages. Fraudulent cryptocurrencies are certainly not unavoidable, they are created to swindle less knowledgeable investors out of money. The key is not to put everything on one card but to choose several cards from the whole deck with which to play a good game. And of course, you need to gather information. It’s best not to leave anything to chance in the first phase and rather put yourself in the hands of the experts.

Save Your Cryptocurrencies in the Right Wallet

Anyone investing in cryptocurrencies has to deal with a basic dilemma – where to safely store the result of their work? Every owner stores their digital currencies in a crypto wallet. Just like a classic physical wallet in which you carry your cash, digital currency wallets are used to store cryptocurrency. They can be divided into two types: an online wallet which is also called a hot wallet or an offline wallet otherwise known as a cold wallet.

Is an Online or Offline Wallet Safer?

Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. An online wallet is used to easily access funds, make payments and conduct instant transactions. It is always connected to the internet, which, while providing quick access to cryptocurrencies, can also make it an easier target for potential hacker attacks. Therefore, most digital currency experts recommend that users minimise the amount of money they store in their online wallet.

Offline wallets are generally considered to be much safer as they are not connected to the internet around the clock. They can be divided into paper wallets and hardware wallets. On a paper wallet, the public and private keys are printed on the wallet, usually in the form of a QR code, and are thus kept safe from hackers. This type of wallet can be created using free web services. Key generation is usually done in each wallet owner’s browser. The most secure, but also the most costly, wallet is the hardware one.

Investing With Us at Fumbi

If you’re about to start investing in cryptocurrencies, are a layman, don’t have time to keep track of all the changes in the market (which keep changing every day and you need a dose of expertise to follow them), or are stressed about deciding which cryptocurrency is best to invest in, try Fumbi.

If you’re a beginner, it’s natural not to know which cryptocurrency will rise and which will fall. Our Fumbi algorithm efficiently splits your investment into a smart and dynamic portfolio. We are the only company in the country that provides safe cryptocurrency investing to the general public.

With us, investing in top cryptocurrencies is easy, with a small initial investment as low as €50 and with minimal risk. These reflect the movements in the crypto market. You may ask why Fumbi chose these cryptocurrencies when an investor can currently choose from up to 12,000 cryptocurrencies and counting.

The reason is that some of them are not suitable for investment at all. They are only speculative or can only be stored on online-generated wallets that do not provide security from hackers like offline wallets do.

A list of cryptocurrencies in Fumbi’s portfolio can be found HERE.

Start safely investing in cryptocurrencies now.

What to Invest In?

Fumbi Index Portfolio – Buy a whole bundle of proven cryptocurrencies as soon as possible through our Fumbi Index Portfolio product and take advantage of the current growth. With the Fumbi Index Portfolio, you will buy more than 20 cryptocurrencies with one deposit and your investment will be managed by our Fumbi Algorithm, which tracks the growth of the entire market. The portfolio has achieved a total appreciation of up to 122.75% in 2023.

Advanced Portfolios – In this product, you will find a wide range (over 60 top) of new and exotic cryptocurrencies and new portfolios that you can either build yourself or use templates pre-made by our specialists.

At Fumbi you can buy and invest from as little as €50.

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