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Does cryptocurrency investing seem overcomplicated?

Fumbi keeps it simple.

Fumbi brings the opportunity to capitalise on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market to everyone. Join us, and all of our happy customers, who invest into handpicked cryptocurrencies easily, safely and without fuss.

  • Cryptocurrencies

    The widest portfolio currently on the market

  • Registrations

    Join fast-growing Fumbi community

  • 1567 Average investment

    Trusted by small, medium and large investors

How it works?

  1. Registration

    Registering an account with us is easy, and only takes a few clicks!

  2. Choose your product

    Choose the product that best suits your vision. We offer products for beginners, as well as advanced users.

  3. Deposit

    You can begin investing, and tap into the potential of crypto, from the low sum of only 50 €.

Our advantages

  • easy investing

    Easy Investing

    With only a few clicks you can invest in a dynamic portfolio of top cryptocurrencies.

  • Risk Reduction

    Your portfolio is specially designed to track the total market value and does not rely on individual cryptocurrencies.

  • Direct Ownership

    With us, you always own cryptocurrencies directly, not through a collective investment scheme.

  • Independent audit

    We are the first cryptocurrency investment platform with an independent audit of wallets.

  • Small Starting Investment

    With Fumbi, you can start investing from as little as 50 €.

  • Ultimate Safety

    Ledger Vault is the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency custody solution in the world.

Fumbi Products

Fumbi Index Portfolio

The Index tracks the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and is rebalanced daily

Learn more

Fumbi Custom

Choose your preferred cryptocurrency and invest in it easily

Learn more

Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold

The first rebalanced investment in bitcoin and gold works in your favor

Learn more

Fumbi Business

The Fumbi Business account allows you to conveniently buy and store them safely

Learn more

Fumbi Custody

Thanks to our Fumbi Custody service, you can safely store your cryptocurrencies

Learn more

  • Why Fumbi?

    Fumbi is a smart and safe way to invest in cryptocurrencies. The value of your portfolio depends on the total value of the cryptocurrencies rather than their individual price movements – it does not matter which cryptocurrency is rising and which one is falling.

  • Fumbi algorithm

    Every investor's entry or exit triggers the Fumbi algorithm which recalculates and optimizes the portfolio of all investors. The entries and exits are used for rebalancing procedures in the form of P2P virtual coin swaps.

  • Legal

    This website is operated by Fumbi Network which provides the services of individual asset management for you. We do not provide any investment advice, payment services or brokerage and we are not assessing future performance of cryptocurrencies. However, we proceed with caution in blacklisting certain cryptocurrencies which do not meet our security criteria.

  • Safety & security

    The main risks associated with investing in the cryptocurrency market are hacks, loss of private keys and theft of physical data carriers. We are addressing these risks by implementing a sophisticated process flow and secure data storage. We are cooperating with a renowned technical platform Ledger Vault, which enables high-quality institutional management of cryptocurrency wallets.


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