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We are a Slovak/European company that brings easy and safe cryptocurrency investing to everyone.

The National Bank of Slovakia does not currently issue any cryptocurrency licences. Once the NBS sets the licensing conditions for cryptocurrency companies, Fumbi will apply for such a license.

Fumbi holds a tied trade for the provision of cryptocurrency wallet services. This is not a licence issued by the NBS, which does not currently regulate these services. However, we communicate with the NBS and participate in its workshops on future cryptocurrency regulation.

We offer a conservative strategy for safe investing in cryptocurrencies. You can invest in multiple products at your discretion. Our core product is the Fumbi Index Portfolio managed by the Fumbi Algorithm, which can mirror the movements of the entire cryptocurrency market, regardless of the movements of individual cryptoassets. With Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold, you invest in equal proportions in Bitcoin and in the cryptocurrency PAX Gold, which is backed by real gold. With it, you're tapping into the potential of the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry, as well as the stability of gold. With Fumbi Custom, you can compose your portfolio as you see fit. In case you want to evaluate your company's assets, you can use the Fumbi Business corporate product.

An individual and legal entity interested in cryptocurrencies as an investment instrument with the highest growth potential.

Your deposit is immediately exchanged for cryptocurrencies, which are the direct property of the investor and do not belong to Fumbi's balance sheet. The cryptocurrencies are then stored on Fireblocks - one of the most secure storage system on the market. This is additionally insured against hacker attacks. At the same time, Fumbi is regularly audited by the independent company SGS Slovakia. The aim of the audit is to compare the total value balances of 25 cryptocurrencies on client wallets with the actual values listed on individual blockchains. The audit also demonstrates control over these funds. Fumbi is the first cryptocurrency investment company to receive this type of certification.


Simply register and then you can make your first deposit. The investment appreciation is automatic and you can track the development of your investment.

When your investment reaches or exceeds €1,000, you will need to perform a full KYC or know-your-customer (KYC) check, for which you will need your ID or passport. If the value rises to €10,000, the law obliges us to request proof of income from you to combat "money laundering" and terrorism financing. All verifications will be done by uploading the documents to your secure profile and we will explain all the steps.

We offer the opportunity to invest in the fastest growing and evolving area in the field of investing.

Whether you decide to invest, when and how much is always up to you. You can make a single deposit, or you can deposit repeatedly. Regular smaller monthly deposits are a smart strategy when investing. It reduces the risk of poorly timed purchases when prices and the market are relatively high. The cryptocurrency market has unparalleled growth potential, but also high risk, so it's wise to reduce it by averaging costs.

In our experience, this is a more profitable form of investment. Short-term and speculative investing is often associated with loss.

The time span of holding the purchased cryptocurrencies is up to you. You must leave the funds in your Fumbi account for 30 days from the time of registration, after which you can discontinue or resume investing at any time. However, we recommend long-term investing with a horizon of at least 2 years.

Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, so they have huge growth potential. The more they are used, the more the cryptocurrency market will grow, and with it the investments you made at the beginning of this development.

The cryptocurrency market is still quite volatile. It is therefore advisable to invest only an amount that will not burden you financially when the market falls. With us, you can start with an investment as low as €50 for the Fumbi Index Portfolio, Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold, and Fumbi Custom, or investment of €1,000 in the Fumbi Business product, intended for legal entities.

Repeating smaller monthly deposits is a smart strategy when investing. It reduces the risk of an ill-timed purchase when the prices and the market are relatively high. The cryptocurrency market has unparalleled growth potential, but also high risk, so it is wise to reduce it by averaging costs.


The area of cryptocurrency investing is the area with the highest profit potential. However, profits cannot be guaranteed as it is not possible to predict or influence market developments. Your return depends on the size of the cryptocurrency market at the time of your deposit and its subsequent movement. If the market grows, your investment will grow with it.

Profit cannot be guaranteed as it is not in our power to influence the market. The development of the investment depends on the development of the cryptocurrency market.

The amount of profit depends mainly on the market development. If the price of cryptocurrencies goes up, your investment will go up and vice versa.

It is not possible to talk about a specific period in terms of profit. The market can rise at any time, e.g. by 20 %, even in one day. It can also fall in a day.

In the CRYPTOCURRENCIES section of our website, we have listed all the cryptocurrencies in the Fumbi Index Portfolio. You can view the cryptocurrencies in the Fumbi Custom via PRODUCTS on our website, where you select the product mentioned.

If you choose the product Fumbi Custom, you can create a portfolio of select cryptocurrencies at your discretion. You can also choose your own portfolio if you want to invest as a legal entity and use the Fumbi Business product.

The security of the cryptocurrency in terms of processes as well as its previous development is important for the inclusion of a cryptocurrency in the portfolio. For more information on the criteria for selecting cryptocurrencies, please see this page: Click

At you can read more about how we select individual cryptocurrencies for your portfolio.


On the top right of the page you will find the option to register. You will choose an active email address to use as your login email. You choose a password and check "I accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions". A confirmation email will be sent to your chosen email address. You will need to confirm this. Once the email is confirmed, your profile will become accessible. Video instructions can be found here:

Fees apply to the deposit, withdrawal or investment in the account. There are no fees for maintaining an account without an investment. This also applies to registration.

If you are our client, you can recommend Fumbi to your friends, acquaintances or family. You get a reward from their investment and they get a discount on their investment. You can find the affiliate code in your profile in the referral section.

You can cancel your account. Please send us your request to cancel your account via the contact form on our website in the CONTACT section from your login email address. We will cancel the account within 2 months. Maintaining an account without investment is free of charge, so you do not incur any financial obligations. You must make a complete withdrawal and wait to receive it before cancelling your account.

You can cancel your account at any time. If you have an investment in it, you need to make a withdrawal and only then request the cancellation of the account. If you have made a deposit, the account can be cancelled after 30 days from registration. You can also make your first withdrawal at that time.

No, the account remains active for future use. No fees apply to the account without investment, so there is no need to cancel it.

It is not possible to designate any person other than the disposer. The account verifies the investor to whom the Fumbi account is linked and is non-transferable.

Yes, legal entities can invest through Fumbi Business.

No, cancelling your account is free

Yes, the Fumbi account and the investment are subject to inheritance proceedings.


Income from cryptocurrencies is subject to taxation. Adjusting the composition of your portfolio on a daily basis is also considered as buying and selling, so you need to check each year, based on the documents you will have in your profile, whether you are liable to pay tax. We recommend that you consult your tax advisor for further advice.

In your profile you will find all the documents you will need to complete your tax return.

The purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies is also considered to be a change in the composition of the portfolio, which is carried out on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to check annually, based on the documents you will have in your profile, whether you have incurred a tax liability.


The minimum deposit amount is €50 for natural persons and €1000 for legal entities.

When you deposit, the exchange rate when your deposit is credited to your Fumbi account will apply.

Deposit processing takes 1 - 2 business days after we receive your funds in our account. If you deposit in the afternoon, on a weekend or on a holiday, the bank will reschedule sending your payment to us for the next business day.

Depositing in cryptocurrency is not among our standard services. We plan to add it in the future.

Your deposit will be processed within 2 business days. You will be notified by email when the deposit has been credited to your profile, and you can track the processing status in the overview after logging into your Fumbi account. If you sent the deposit over the weekend or during holidays, it may take longer to be credited, as the bank only sends funds on business days.

You can make deposits by logging into your profile. You choose the product you want to invest in and the amount you want to deposit. You then choose your payment method. Once you have entered the amount, you will receive your payment details. The same details will also be sent to your email. This is how you enter your deposit request. As we do not have access to your bank account, you need to enter a transfer order where you will enter the received data, whether in person, via internet banking or mobile banking., Fumbi Vlastná Voľba –, Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold -

The deposit can be made via bank account, in person at your bank, with a VISA payment card or payment at the post office.

Deposits can only be made from an account to which you have a right of disposal. Withdrawals cannot be made in cash and are only sent to the account associated with the Fumbi profile.

Deposits from a legal entity account can only be accepted in the case of a deposit into the Fumbi Business product. Such a deposit to a natural person's account is not possible.

We recommend having your own bank account in your name. However, it is also possible to use a bank account for which you can document the right of disposal.

It is possible to document the right to dispose of the account and make deposits and withdrawals to the bank account. However, we generally recommend that you have your own bank account in your name.

In your profile, you only cancel the deposit request. Fumbi does not have access to your bank account, so it is not possible to cancel a deposit with us. You can only do so at your bank by cancelling the payment order if the payment has not yet gone through.


The first withdrawal is possible 30 days after registration. After that, you can withdraw at any time.

The minimum amount of a partial withdrawal is €50. The minimum balance on the account in case of partial withdrawal is also €50. The condition for being able to make a partial withdrawal is that the total amount of deposits in the product is at least 500 euros.

We send the withdrawal within 2 working days of the withdrawal request. This is in addition to the time it takes for the banks to send the payment and credit it to the client's account.

You withdraw at the rate in effect at the time you submit your withdrawal request. You can see this rate when you enter your selection. No regard is taken to further market developments.

Withdrawal is only possible in euros. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can cancel the custody. For each cryptocurrency in the portfolio, enter a public address where we will send the specific cryptocurrency. It is also possible to make a transfer in a single cryptocurrency. In such a case, you can choose Bitcoin or Ethereum. In the case of conversion of other cryptocurrencies to BTC or ETH, the exchange fee is deducted from the given amount of remaining cryptocurrencies according to the current price list. Cancellation of custody is only possible for all products at once. After receiving the completed form, we will contact you with further instructions within five working days. In order to cancel the custody, appropriate steps must be taken, and the client must undergo complete identification.

Your withdrawal will be processed by us within 2 working days. We will then send the payment to your bank account. It may take longer to credit your funds if the banks process the order in the afternoon or at the weekend.

The withdrawal cannot be cancelled.
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