Security of Fumbi

We are cooperating with a renowned technical platform Ledger Vault, which enables high-quality institutional management. The solution not only provides physical protection from external attacks but also allows strict separation of powers inside of Fumbi. A built-in insurance policy against hackers (by Arch & Lloyd) brings an additional layer of security.

The highest industry standard

Ledger Vault is the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency custody solution in the world with data centres in New York, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The foundational security components of the Vault consists of:

  • Personal Security Devices (PSD)
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
  • Ledger’s proprietary operating system BOLOS
  • Built-in insurance by Arch & Lloyd

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Other key security elements

  • Separation from Fumbi Your cryptocurrencies are yours. They are completely separated from Fumbi's balance sheet.
  • Database security and data protection We store all information about user account logins and constantly analyze them.
  • Two-factor authorization Set up an SMS code for password changes and withdrawal requests.
  • Independent audit We are the first platform for investing in cryptocurrencies with an independent audit of wallets.

Why invest with Fumbi

  • Easy Investing

    With only a few clicks you can invest in a dynamic portfolio of top cryptocurrencies.

  • Risk Reduction

    Your portfolio is specially designed to track the total market value and does not rely on individual cryptocurrencies.

  • Direct Ownership

    With us, you always own cryptocurrencies directly, not through a collective investment scheme.

  • Independent audit

    We are the first cryptocurrency investment platform with an independent audit of wallets.

  • PayPal Enabled

    Secured deposit via PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Wire.

  • Small Starting Investment

    With Fumbi, you can start investing from as little as 50€.

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