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6. June 2022  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

With Fumbi Credits, You Can React to Market Movements Even Quicker

Another innovation that will further enhance your Fumbi experience and help you realise the enormous potential of the cryptocurrency market.

With Fumbi Credits you can respond to market movements faster than ever before and seize the perfect moment to invest in Fumbi products. You can easily deposit funds into our Fumbi Credits, at any time, and when you think that the right time has come to invest, you place an order and send your credit to any product. At the same time, thanks to the credit system, you can quickly transfer your funds between individual products without having to send funds to your bank account. Depositing and withdrawing euros to Fumbi Credits is free.

Market Potential

The cryptocurrency market has huge potential and is growing every year. While its capitalisation was just €670 billion at the beginning of 2021, it rose by 186% over the twelve months to a year-end level of €1.928 trillion.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and it’s something to be prepared for. When prices are lower may be the right time to buy more cryptocurrencies, and Fumbi Credits will allow you to respond quickly. It is also important not to rely on a single cryptocurrency and to invest in a broader, expertly compiled portfolio, such as our Fumbi Index Portfolio.

With Fumbi, Your Profits Can Be Even Higher

Our Fumbi Index Portfolio of over 20 top cryptocurrencies, managed by a sophisticated Fumbi Algorithm to replicate the growth of the entire market, has brought users up to twice as much profit in 2021 as investing in bitcoin alone. Bitcoin yielded investors a profit of 62.34%, while the Fumbi Index Portfolio achieved 146.23%. You, too, can now capitalise on the potential of the cryptocurrency market and invest in Fumbi products faster than ever before.

Source: Fumbi Network

* Deposit and withdrawal to Fumbi Credits in euros are free of charge. The use of funds from the Fumbi Credits for the purchase of cryptocurrencies in individual products is charged according to the price lists of the given products. You can see the current price list here.

Top up your Fumbi Credits with a sum starting at €50, and be ready with us for the movements in the cryptocurrency market.

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