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22. March 2022  • clock 3 min •  Daniel Mitrovsky

Evaluation of Fumbi Product Performance for 2021

2021 was a very different year for the cryptocurrency market than the others. The interest in cryptocurrencies has increased on all fronts. It was no longer just households and small retail investors interested in cryptocurrencies but also globally known institutions, banks, or pension funds. Furthermore, governments and international institutions have suddenly begun to talk about cryptocurrencies and actively look for ways of optimal regulation to protect the end consumer.

The fact that cryptocurrencies became mainstream in 2021 cannot be denied. At Fumbi, we’ve worked hard all year to bring you the safest and most convenient crypto investing possible. By constant optimisation, improvements, and innovation of our products, we’ve been able to deliver exceptional profits to our users. Thanks to this, we’ve protected our users’ funds against the ever-increasing threat of inflation. Take a look with us at the overview of our product performance.

You can download the complete overview here.

Fumbi Index Portfolio

Our users’ favourite product is the Fumbi Index Portfolio. This algorithm administered portfolio provides an easy way of investing in crypto for everybody. You invest in the entire portfolio of cryptocurrencies while the Fumbi Algorithm mirrors the growth of the whole market and doesn’t rely on individual cryptoassets.

With the Fumbi Index Portfolio updates in 2021, in order to comply with our investment philosophy and criteria, we have eliminated a total of 16 cryptocurrencies that have been replaced by 13 new cryptocurrencies with higher technological and growth potential. You can find an overview of individual updates on our blog.

Compared to an investment directly in Bitcoin, our dynamic portfolio has generated significantly higher profits thanks to regular rebalancing. Investing exclusively in Bitcoin could yield a return of 62.34% in 2021, while an investment in the diversified Fumbi Index Portfolio generated a total return of 146.23%.

(Source: Fumbi Network)

Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold

Last year, Fumbi added the Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold to its product portfolio, offering an option to invest in cryptocurrencies more conservatively. The unique product combines Bitcoin’s high growth and technological potential with the stability of gold in the form of PAX Gold, backed by physical gold reserves stored by Paxos.

This is considered our most conservative product, and taking a lower risk is naturally related to accepting a lower return. The algorithm regularly rebalances your investment to remain 50:50 – when the value of bitcoin increases, part of it is sold for gold, and vice versa. Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold has outperformed the traditional stock indexes S&P 500 and DAX.

(Source: Fumbi Network)

The following graph shows that Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold has brought investors a much better tool for protection against ever-increasing inflation than gold itself. The performance of gold on the chart is represented by the PAX Gold asset, backed by real gold, and its price represents the price of one troy ounce of gold.

(Source: Fumbi Network)

More comparisons can be found in an overview that you can download here.

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