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9. November 2023  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

Fumbi Celebrates 5 Years of Innovation and Growth in the Crypto World

Fumbi was founded five years ago with a simple idea: to make investing in cryptocurrencies safe and accessible to everyone. Now, we can boast that our platform has become one of the key players in the cryptocurrency market in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Today, with joy and gratitude, we celebrate our fifth birthday and a journey full of innovation, significant milestones and continuous growth.

Five years may not seem like a long time, but it certainly is for a crypto startup. Let’s take a look at some of the significant milestones we’ve achieved in that time:

130,000 registered users

The size and number of clients brought us to the level of a smaller bank. Of course, we are still planning to grow and preparing for the next bullrun.

10 crypto products

4 of them are for businesses. This year we launched a very successful product – Advanced Portfolios, because both Fumbi and our investors are gaining knowledge and experience that they want to use to create their own crypto portfolios, which this product allows them to do.

6 supported languages

Although we dominate the Slovak and Czech market, we are also trying to bring Fumbi to other customers in Europe. After launching the Polish and Hungarian markets, we added Greece this year.

4 major awards

We won the Superbrand award again this year, adding it to our Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and the Ministry of Economy’s Innovative Act of the Year award.    

9 successful crypto wallet audits

We continue to conduct independent audits of crypto wallets to transparently show how we manage and store our clients’ cryptocurrencies. 

Fumbi’s performance 

Everything we do at Fumbi is certainly important, but we wouldn’t be here without good, powerful products that customers can invest in. In hindsight, when you look at how Fumbi’s most popular product, the Fumbi Index Portfolio, has fared over the long term, you will be pleasantly surprised by its performance. From its launch in 2019 to now, it has grown by a fantastic 566%.  

Not just Fumbi but the entire crypto industry has been growing

In the beginning, cryptocurrencies were considered just a fad by internet enthusiasts. Today, cryptocurrencies occupy a prominent place in the portfolios of global corporations and are the subject of legislation on a global level. Countries are amending laws and trying to create space for cryptocurrencies. That is why the European Union is introducing the first MiCA regulation, which will give precise rules to crypto companies but also to banks and other financial institutions.

At the same time, Slovakia has optimised its tax burden this year and alleviated it so much that it is more profitable for people to invest in cryptocurrencies than ever before.

All these steps are leading towards greater implementation of cryptocurrencies into mainstream life, and we at Fumbi plan to bring a lot of new features and innovations in the coming years to make the use of cryptocurrencies easy and safe for as many people as possible.

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