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23. April 2024  • clock 3 min •  Fumbi Network

Fumbi, Make Money With Cryptocurrencies

Stop Worrying About Cryptocurrencies and Start Making Money With Fumbi.

Investing in cryptocurrencies with Fumbi is safe and easy. Since 2018, Fumbi has been operating in the Slovak market, offering help to all those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Fumbi is the first, not only in our country but also globally, to bring a unique solution that makes investing in virtual currencies safe and easy. The Fumbi system is available in Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, English or Greek.

The uniqueness of our investment product in Fumbi lies in the Fumbi Algorithm, thanks to which beginner investors no longer need to worry about which currency to invest in, where to buy it and how to store it. The Fumbi Algorithm makes your investment into a dynamic portfolio that consists of more than 25 TOP cryptocurrencies.

With its dynamic and regular rebalancing, the algorithm is able to copy the movements of the entire market. Therefore, the appreciation does not depend on individual cryptocurrencies, but on the development of the entire industry.

If you are new to investing in cryptocurrencies, a layman, if you don’t have time to follow all the changes in the market (which happen every day and you need a dose of expertise to keep track of them) or are stressed about deciding which cryptocurrency is best to invest in, try Fumbi.


How Does Fumbi Work?

  1. Quick and easy registration with no obligation
  2. User verification
  3. Deposit from 50€
  4. Track your investment in a comprehensive profile
  5. Easy withdrawal

Fumbi was founded in 2018 and since then has been bringing the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies to the general public in a simple and secure way. It is already trusted by over 130,000 registered users. There is no need to set up wallets and create accounts on international exchanges. You can start investing in cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks with an investment of as little as €50.


What to Invest In?

Fumbi Index Portfolio – Buy a whole bundle of proven cryptocurrencies through our Fumbi Index Portfolio product and take advantage of today’s growth. With the Fumbi Index Portfolio, you will purchase more than 20 cryptocurrencies with one deposit and your investment will be managed by our Fumbi Algorithm, which tracks the growth of the entire market. The portfolio has achieved a total appreciation of up to 122.75% in 2023.

Advanced Portfolios – In this product, you will find a wide range of new and exotic cryptocurrencies (over 70 top) and new portfolios that you can either build yourself or use pre-made templates created by our specialists.

At Fumbi you can buy and invest from as little as €50.

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