Fumbi Custom

With Fumbi Custom, we give everyone the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies of their choice. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency and invest in it easily. Ideal for regular savings in your chosen cryptocurrency.

Pick your favorite cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrencies you invest in through Fumbi Custom are securely stored through the Ledger Vault platform. Currently available cryptocurrencies in Fumbi Custom are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Others coming soon


All in one place

  • Ultimate Safety Fumbi stores all cryptocurrencies on LedgerVault–the world’s most secure custody system. Our platform regularly undergoes an independent audit of cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Easy to use Profile Easily track the progress of your investments in a nice and simple profile. You can make a deposit or a withdrawal within a minute.
  • Direct Ownership With us, you always own cryptocurrencies directly, not through a collective investment scheme.
  • Opportunity for Everybody Trusted by small, medium and large investors. With Fumbi, you can start investing from as little as 50€.

Which cryptocurrency would you like to see in the Fumbi Custom?

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