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Competition – Win crypto for a whole year!

Seize the chance to not only invest and strengthen your portfolio but also to win crypto for a whole year! Regular investing is one of the most popular forms of investing. And we want to support you in it.

Enter the competition to play for fantastic prizes.

We will regularly send €100 worth of cryptocurrencies to the five of you, straight to your Fumbi account every month for one year.

How to participate?

  • Make a deposit of at least €100 into any Fumbi product.
  • Use promo code KRYPTOROK when making a deposit.
  • Done! You are entered into the competition.
  • Every additional deposit increases your chances of winning!
  • The campaign runs from 15.5.2024 to 31.5.2024.

Competition rules – Win crypto for a whole year!

1. Basic information

1.1 The promoter and organizer of the campaign is FUMBI NETWORK j. s. a., registered office: Nivy Tower, Mlynské Nivy 5, Bratislava – Staré Mesto 821 09, ID No.: 52 005 895, registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court of Bratislava III, Section: Sja, Insert No.: 57/B (hereinafter referred to as “FUMBI” or “Organizer”).

1.2 The title of the competition is ” Win crypto for a whole year!” (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”). 1.3 The Contest is held from 15.5.2024 to 31.5.2024 until 23.59 (“Contest Duration”).

1.4 The Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by META, Inc. (operator of Facebook and Instagram) or ByteDance Ltd. (operator of TikTok) and has no affiliation with any of them. Neither META, Inc. nor ByteDance Ltd. shall have any obligation to any entrant in connection with the Contest.

2. Participation in the Competition and its terms and conditions

2.1 The Competition is open to any natural person above the age of 16 years who has duly completed his/her registration through (including its language versions) or any other website or other software solution operated or owned by FUMBI (collectively referred to as the “Platform”) and has also complied with the other terms and conditions as per these Competition Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition Participant”).

2.2 The inclusion of a Competition Participant and his/her entitlement to a Prize under Clause 3.3 of these Competition Rules is subject to the simultaneous fulfilment of all of the following conditions (hereinafter also referred to as the “Competition Conditions”):

(a) duly completed registration of the Competition Participant on the Platform and conclusion of the Platform Terms and Conditions Agreement and the User Agreement between FUMBI and the Competition Participant;

b) making a Deposit of at least EUR 100 into any Product during the Competition Duration;

c) entering the KRYPTOROK promo code when making a Deposit under (b).

2.3 For the purposes of the Competition Terms and Conditions, making a Deposit means crediting the funds to the FUMBI bank account specified in the Platform Interface by means of a bank transfer or by using any other payment method supported by the Platform (in these Campaign Terms a “Deposit”). The FUMBI Bank Account shall mean the FUMBI Account associated with the Products. The Competition Participant shall be obliged to make the Deposit exclusively by the methods and under the terms and conditions set out on the Platform, and in this respect, FUMBI may require specific payment details (specific symbol, constant symbol or other) necessary to identify the Competition Participant Deposit. In the case of sending a Deposit from a bank account, it shall be required to be sent from a bank account held in the name of the Competition Participant or from an account in relation to which the Competition Participant has a right of disposal or other similar right; this shall also apply mutatis mutandis in the case of the use of any other means of payment.

3. Announcement of the Competition, evaluation, announcement of the results of the Competition and the prize

3.1 The Organiser will announce the Competition on 15.05.2024 via public media and its social networks, in particular’s Facebook profile,’s Instagram profile, Tiktok profile or other social networks established or managed by the Organiser (hereinafter referred to as “Organiser’s Social Networks”).

3.2 The Organiser will determine a total of 5 winners of the Competition from among all the Participants who meet the Competition Terms and Conditions, by drawing lots. 3.3. The prize in the Competition is funds in the amount of EUR 1200 (in words: one thousand two hundred Euros), which will be credited to each winner in 12 monthly instalments (EUR 100,- each) to the winner’s Account established on the Portal, to the Product of the winner’s choice (the winner is obliged to notify the Organizer immediately after the Organizer notifies him/her that he/she has become a winner, and he/she may not change it in the course of the drawdown of the Prize).

3.4 The Winner will be contacted by FUMBI at the email address associated with his/her Portal Account after the draw.

3.5 In connection with entering the Competition, the Competition Participant agrees to be contacted by the Organiser for the purpose of informing him/her about the prize via the e-mail address provided during registration, as well as the related processing of the Competition Participant’s personal data for the purposes of the Competition. The Competition Participant also acknowledges that the Organiser will publish the Winner’s data in the scope of the Winner’s first name, the first letter of the last name and the Winner’s municipality of residence.

3.6 The Organiser will announce the end of the Competition via the Organiser’s Social Networks with information about contacting the winner.

3.7 The contest participant or the winner is not entitled to claim financial or any other consideration in lieu of the prize and is not entitled to any other consideration from the Organizer, except for those specified in these Competition Rules.

3.8 The Organizer’s decision on complaints, claims or objections relating to the Competition shall be unilateral and final.

3.9 The Organiser is entitled to control the fulfilment of the Competition Terms and Conditions, as well as to make a final and unilateral decision on any issue related to the Competition.

5. Consent to the processing of personal data

5.1 By participating in the Competition, the Competition Participant voluntarily grant the Organiser consent to the processing of personal data provided to the Organiser for the purposes of participation in the Competition.

5.2 By participating in the Competition, the Contestant also grants consent to the publication of his/her name and the municipality in which the Contestant’s place of residence or long-term residence is located. They will be published, if the Contestant becomes the winner, on the Organiser’s social networks, which the Contestant agrees to by participating in the Contest.

5.3 The Competition Participant has the right to request from the Organiser access to personal data relating to the data subject, the right to rectification of personal data, the right to erasure of personal data and the right to restriction of processing of personal data, the right to object to the processing of personal data, as well as the right to portability of personal data.

5.4 The Organiser shall store the personal data of Competition Participants only to the extent and for the period necessary for the purposes of the Competition.

5.5 This consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary. Withdrawal of consent during the Competition Duration shall be effective upon receipt by the Organiser and shall result in the exclusion of the Competition Participant from the Competition.

6. Final provisions

6.1 The Organizer shall have no obligation to reimburse Competition Participants for any costs incurred by them in connection with their participation in the Competition. There is no legal entitlement to either inclusion in the Competition. Participation in the Competition is non-transferable.

6.2 The Organizer reserves the right to shorten, extend, postpone, suspend, discontinue or cancel the Competition, or unilaterally amend or supplement the Competition Rules for the duration of the Competition, without refund, by announcing the amendment to theCompetition Rules in a manner consistent with the Competition Announcement. The Organizer undertakes to inform about the changes made and to make available the new, consolidated Competition Rules and Conditions when changing these Competition Rules and Conditions.

6.3 This Competition is not a game of chance within the meaning of Act No. 30/2019 Coll, as it is not a gambling game within the meaning of Art. 6 of the said Act is considered to be a promotional contest, which is not an independent business activity and serves only to promote the sale of the Organiser’s services, while the Deposit, which is required to fulfill the Competition Terms and Conditions, is not a deposit within the meaning of the said Act, but a performance made for the purpose of participating in the Contest, while the Deposits made by individual Competition Participants remain credited to their Accounts in the form of crypto-assets even if they do not become Winners and Competition Participants may dispose of these crypto-assets in accordance with the User Agreement.

6.4 Capitalised terms not defined in theseCompetition Rules shall have the meanings set forth in the User Agreement, which is available at

These Competition Rules are published on the Platform Website and the effective date of these Competition Rules is 15.5.2024.

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