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Women Are Great Investors, and There Should Be a Lot More of Them

The number of women investing in crypto is much lower than men. However, it’s women that invest better.

Based on 2020 Eurostat data, the gender pay gap (GPG) between men and women in Europe is 13%. Latvia has scored the lowest where women’s wages were 22.3% below men’s (Source: Eurostat). In the US, it’s 18% (Source: CNBC). Over the last decade, there has been very little change in the average GPG worldwide despite the increasing qualification of women.

In fact, the gender pay gap grows only wider for those with a university degree. One of the reasons is that employers expect women to drop out of working life after the birth of a child while there is no such expectation of men. Also, the conditions for return from parental leave are not ideal. Furthermore, mothers are often treated differently than fathers because society expects that women will have to leave work more often for child care than men. Of course, the situation is not improved by other stereotypes, such as that we don’t talk about salaries publicly or that people in management are used to this fact and take advantage of it.

Until the situation improves, it’s important that women can grow their finances as effectively as possible to secure their future. Investing is an excellent opportunity to lower the wealth gap between men and women. However, investing too is dominated by men.

Why Do Women Invest Less Than Men?

The reasons why men dominate the world of investing are many. According to Sarah Coles from Hargreaves Lansdown, women usually have their self-confidence bar set much higher – they need much more information to think they understand the topic than men. The same goes for job applications as well as investing. Since women have a substantial lead in time spent on unpaid housework, caring for family, and household, it often takes them longer to get into the topic deep enough to trust their decisions and start investing. On the other hand, men jump into investing with much less information and have no problem choosing riskier investments.

Another reason is that companies often communicate investment products primarily through the male audience. Even though it turns out that women and men don’t necessarily need different products, women respond to different arguments and information. They often meet with advertising with male rhetoric and visuals, which can make women feel unwelcome in this environment.

Reason to Invest

Besides the fact that women earn less, investing is also important because they statistically live longer but often enter retirement sooner. Therefore, they might depend on pension for a longer time and can easily end up in a situation when the money from the state won’t be enough. Thus, they should start long-term saving from an early age.

“Investing is important to me, and I’ve already started while at university when I began to realise that it’s necessary for me as a woman to be independent and be able to provide for my future,” says Milena Košová, Head of Marketing at our Fumbi. “I don’t want to have to depend on anybody, and I don’t want to rely on the state pension. Instead, I prefer to save continuously through cryptocurrencies.”

What about investing in cryptocurrencies?

Regarding cryptocurrencies, the female representation relative to men is even lower than in other forms of investing. Based on the CNBC survey, over twice as many men hold crypto as women. About 16% of men and only 7% of women invest in crypto. (Source: CNBC)

The representation of women in the IT sector is only about 28.8% (Source: WhatIs), which may also influence women’s view of the cryptocurrency industry and make it feel distant due to male dominance. Based on our survey, 69% of men are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, but only 31% of women. As for our current Fumbi users, the ratio of men to women is approximately 80:20.

We believe that soon this sector will cease to be perceived as exclusively male, and more and more women will join in. For example, the number of women and men working at Fumbi is almost even.

How do women invest?

Do you know who HODLer is? This term refers to someone who doesn’t let the market volatility get to them, doesn’t get scared and keeps holding crypto as a tool for long-term investment. As it turns out, women are much more disciplined investors – they stick more to the set strategy and are lesser subject to emotions. Globally, women are better investors – according to the Fidelity report 2021 Women and Investing Study, women achieve on average 0.4% higher profits than men.

“When the crypto is going down, you have to brace yourself and stop checking your account every minute,” advises Milena. “The crypto market is volatile, and you have to count with cryptocurrencies going down sometimes – they can’t keep going up all the time. Fumbi products are tools for long-term investing, and that’s how they should be viewed as. Experience investors do not withdraw when the price goes down. They do the opposite instead – they buy.”

Investing in cryptocurrencies should be part of every woman’s financial strategy. Cryptocurrencies are a tool for long-term investing, and at Fumbi, we have a team of experts (among them a woman of course – hello, Linda!) that you can trust and invest with maximum security starting from only €50.

How to Start Investing

Choose an amount

Decide how much you can invest. It has to be an amount that you can afford to lose in the worst-case scenario. A favourite is monthly investing, where you create a standing order and regularly send smaller amounts to your Fumbi account. At Fumbi, you can invest every month for as little as €50.

Choose a product

Our Fumbi Index Portfolio contains the top 26 proven cryptocurrencies in which you can invest simply with a single deposit. Your investment is managed by a sophisticated Fumbi Algorithm that tracks the growth of the entire crypto market and doesn’t rely on individual cryptoassets. The results show that users who invested in this product in 2021 profited a lot more than those who invested only in Bitcoin.

If you want to stabilise your investment with gold, use Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold. You invest not only in Bitcoin but also in the cryptocurrency PAX Gold, covered by the real stable gold. This product is excellent for long term investing and is a go-to for even more conservative investors.

If you are more familiar with crypto, you can create your own portfolio with Fumbi Custom. You can choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Terra, Avalanche, and Cardano.

You don’t need to deal with buying a wallet and storing your cryptocurrencies for any of our Fumbi products. With us, you are the direct owner of your cryptocurrencies safely stored through the Ledger Vault platform, one world’s safest cryptoasset storage solutions.

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Leave nothing to chance and better secure your future by investing in cryptocurrencies. With Fumbi, it’s simple, maximally safe, and efficient.


Best regards from our female Fumbi team from marketing and sales: Iveta Šplíchalová, Lenka Bóna, Milena Košová, Laura Suchopová a Anna Šuchaňová

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